Tribute to Tennis Zone Plus Founder

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Tennis Zone Plus gives a special tribute to Ravi Shankar who founded the company in 2008. Ravi grew up in Delhi, India where he built a successful tennis coaching business in his early 20's. He later moved to United States and worked at a local tennis store for many years before opening Tennis Zone Plus. Aside from running the business, he could always be seen around Washington networking with the tennis community or giving lessons on courts. He was a creative business man and entrepreneur with a knack for customer service. He also founded an online tennis program called SmartTennis. His knowledge about tennis and corporate business was unsurpassed. Ravi passed away in 2018. "It is an honor to take over the company and serve the Washington area racquet sports community," said Jose Reyes, current owner, Tennis Zone Plus .

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